A mix of the hottest moments!!

A mix of the hottest moments!!

🔍 Close-Up Glass Artistry 🔍 In this video, we bring you up close and personal with the intricate details of our glass artistry. Our skills are on full display as we work our magic, transforming molten glass into stunning pieces!!

I know we tried (a bit unsuccessfully!) to do this style of video in the past but we decided to give it another shot, and here's what that looks like.  I hopy you enjoy it.  Often when scrolling thru Instagram, we can come accross of a group of moments put together for our enjoyment, that really scan a larger dose of time.  What we watch in 5 or 10 minutes can be a grouping of many videos over many months or years.

The group you'll be watching today, I've picked some of my favorites of the last 3 years and given you an upclose focus on the action.  I hope you like them!  It's so fun to film the most exciting moments in glass making.  They go so quick, so capturing them on film is a great way to see how things are done.

Join us on this artistic journey as we explore the enchanting realm of molten glass and the incredible craftsmanship that defines our legacy.

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