The Gathering Point

Join us LIVE on YouTube every Tuesday at 6:00pm EST!


Welcome to The Gathering Point, the Glass Academy's thrilling weekly LIVE show that seamlessly blends education and entertainment. As the creators behind this show, we're excited to take you behind-the-scenes and share our passion for glass blowing! 

Every Tuesday at 6:00pm (EST), we transport you into our state-of-the art hotshop, where our talented team of glass artists, instructors, and industry experts come together to transform blobs of molten glass into stunning works of art. From functional glassware and intricate goblets to bold sculptures and giant glass snails, we showcase the limitless possibilities of glass blowing.
The Gathering Point has all the excitement and drama of "Blown Away" but with an added layer of personal connection, more educational content, an expanded episode lineup, and countless opportunities for you to actively participate. We also offer exclusive contests and giveaways for our viewers. Tune in to each episode for a chance to win amazing prizes, including unique glass creations, studio tours, and even hands-on glass blowing experiences.

Throughout the show, we dive deep into the science behind glass blowing, exploring the properties of glass, the chemistry of color, and the fascinating interplay between heat and form. Our aim is to not only entertain but also educate. Whether you're a seasoned glass enthusiast or a curious beginner, we cater to all skill levels, ensuring that every viewer gains valuable insights and a newfound appreciation for this captivating art form.

What truly sets The Gathering Point apart is the personal connection we forge with our audience. We want you to be an active participant in our show. Through live chat interactions, Q&A sessions, and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, we create a virtual space where you can engage with our artists, ask questions, and even influence the direction of the show. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in the LIVE chat on Tuesday from 6-8PM (EST) on YouTube!