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Job Title: Host & Tour Guide

Reports To: Gallery Manager

Required Availability: Thursday & Friday Evenings; Saturday & Sunday Days and Evenings

Thanks so much for showing an interest in the Host and Tour Guide position at the Glass Academy! This is a very special job opportunity, and we're looking for one unique individual for this role.  A diamond in the ruff, you may say!

The Glass Academy offers fun and exhilarating glass blowing experiences every Saturday, every other Thursday and sometimes Sundays. These are called experiences because the purpose is not to teach glass blowing, but to help build connections with people in a unique and inviting atmosphere.

We feel the perfect candidate…

  • Loves talking (and listening) to people of all ages, without discrimination or negativity 
  • Enjoys working in a busy and exciting work environment
  • Has a passion for helping people
  • Loves learning new things and growing on a professional and personal level
  • Is great at making people feel loved by remembering them by name and ask them about their lives
  • Are both door openers and door warmers!

If this is sounding super exciting to you, read on to the technical (but still important) bits! We look forward to hearing from you!

Required Qualifications:

  • A passion for small business, and with a focus on growing as an individual
  • Excellent customer service that goes above and beyond traditional ideas
  • A friendly, on-task conversationalist that engages customers
  • The ability to stand and walk for several hours at a time
  • The ability to stay occupied and keep busy while the students are doing a short class
  • The ability to withstand very warm conditions in the summer, or chilly conditions in the winter
  • A valid Driver License or reliable form of transportation


  • Gain and maintain a thorough knowledge of the basic equipment and terminology of the studio to use during the presentation and class. For example, using  studio terms in a way that a new customer can relate to
  • Prepare student tables to accommodate the classes scheduled 
  • Have safety equipment ready for the students, and enforce use during the class
    • Ensure tools are ready, chairs are in place and tables are clean
    • Prepare documents for students to fill in, including liability forms, Covid-19 forms, and more
  • Enforce Covid-19 procedures, like taking temperatures and sanitizing common areas
  • Perform a thorough tour of the studio, surrounding project areas and/or special features
  • Perform a thorough verbal explanation about the Facebook Live Shows, upcoming class experiences, new product lines, the history of the studio and more
  • Answer any requests or questions the students may have before, during or after their class
  • Encourage up-sell of next class or events happening in the studio.
  • Pass on contacts, opportunities, and other inquiries to Management

Please email us at the following to be considered:

  1. A cover letter on why you think you'd make a great fit for the position
  2. Your current resume
  3. Make the subject line "Host and Tour Guide Position"

If we feel you’ll make a great fit for the position, we'll get back with you for a virtual interview!


    Maintenance Worker Job Description

    Job Title: Maintenance Worker

    Hours: 0-10 hrs/week

    Reports To: Hot Shop Manager

    Required Availability: Varies

    Required Qualifications:

    1. Capable carpentry skills, knowledge of wood, metal and other building materials
    2. The ability and desire to leave their workplace clean and organized, and cleaning up after their projects
    3. Is comfortable with heights, and on ladders up to 30-feet tall
    4. The ability to stand and walk for several hours at a time
    5. The ability to work independently without the direct guidance of the Hot Shop Manager
    6. Must live nearby. Hours will vary depending on the time of year. The Glass Academy is glass shop studio, and the workload could fluctuate depending on the season and the demand for production

    Preferred Qualifications:

    1. Has an artistic eye for special projects that include arranging wall installations of glass

    Main Responsabilités:

    1. Maintain the health of 14,000 sq/ft building (not janitorial, but may entail some specialized cleaning jobs from time to time)
    2. Assisting the Hot Shop Manager in completing projects that are group projects, or specialty projects
    3. Miscellaneous projects including but not limited to:
      1. Changing light bulbs
      2. Minor plumbing, like replacing faucets
      3. Painting
      4. Hanging glass installations

    Please email us at the following to be considered:

    1. A cover letter on why you think you'd make a great fit for the position
    2. Your current resume
    3. Make the subject line "Maintenance Position"

    If you fit the position, we'll get back with you for an in-person interview at our Dearborn, Michigan studio!