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Hearts: Solid Swirl Style

Hearts: Solid Swirl Style

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"A life lived in love will never be dull."

Leo Buscagli

Each cast glass Heart is handmade so no two will ever be alike. That's the beauty of sharing your love! 

1-1.5 inches thick, these solid glass Hearts can sit upright on a windowsill or flat on any surface such as a desk, table or night stand to remind you of the love in your life.

To make the Hearts, molten glass is heated to 2400 degrees. Once heated, it is attached to a long pipe, dipped and swirled in color, and then cast into a preheated, hand carved mold of our design.

It takes precision, skill, and perfect timing to get the proportions just right. Each heart has its own vibrant color, and swirls that will last forever. Just like your love.

If you choose to go with our 2nd Design recycled glass option, know that the blue will be solid in color, instead of the swirls seen in the other styles.

 Check out our beautiful glass paw print hearts as well for that beloved family pet. <3 

Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991


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