Ashes in Art Glass

A new opportunity exists to use the ash remains of pet and humans in the raw molten glass, forever immortalizing them in beautiful, one of a kind keepsake artwork, made especially for you.

Chris Nordin works with blown & sculpted glass, wood, & metal to design and fabricate designs and sculptures that are meaningful and unique to you and your loved ones.

His specialty is incasing your loved one or pets ashes in molten glass, then creating a sculptural remembrance that will never be forgotten. Table top, wall sculptures and outdoor sculptures, there is no limit to what he can create for you.

Chris will help you select the perfect way to display your family memories in your home.

Feel free to reach out to Chris Nordin, co-owner & founder of the Glass Academy to discuss the creation of a memorial sculpture today at 313-683-3363.

For more examples, please visit