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Jewel Tone Pumpkins

Jewel Tone Pumpkins

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Jewel Tone Pumpkins

The perfect gift for someone special, even if that someone is you! 😃 These beautiful jewel pumpkins are a great addition to any festive home dĂ©cor! We've shown them displayed in collections so you see how they relate to each other in a group.

The details of size and shape can be found here within the product page.  Please note these are approximate sizes. As each item is handmade, there are going to be some variances within them. It is our goal to give you a quality product, sometimes it will be slightly larger, sometimes a bit smaller, but overall lovely and worth the value!

  • Each pumpkin is handcrafted with a unique look and feel

  • Please note that the sizes of the pumpkins are width and the height will vary with each piece.

Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991

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