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Pumpkinettes: Fairy Garden Mini Pumpkins

Pumpkinettes: Fairy Garden Mini Pumpkins

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Pumpkinettes: Fairy Garden Mini Pumpkins

These are Fairy Garden Mini Pumpkins, the enchanting little wonders that will make your heart skip a beat! 🥰 Brace yourself for a playful tale that will leave you itching to add these blinged-out beauties to your collection.

Picture this: We posted a snapshot of these ultra-mini glass pumpkins on Facebook, and BOOM! Our fans went wild! Were you among the lucky ones who fell head over heels for these little charmers?!

Here's the secret sauce: Each Pumpkinette is lovingly handcrafted in our Michigan studio, ensuring they possess a personality and style that's entirely their own. Just look at their slightly bent stems—each one has its own unique character! Trust us, you won't be able to resist bringing home a bunch of these darling mini pumpkins. 😃

Now, let's talk about versatility, my friend.🤔 Not only do these Pumpkinettes make fantastic gifts, but they also add a splash of dazzling color wherever they go. Imagine them perched on a sunlit window ledge, casting ethereal glimmers. Or, picture them nestled in a whimsical fairy garden,🧚 bringing magic to every nook and cranny. Oh, and don't forget about the grandeur they bring to your nightstand—they reign with majestic charm! 💫

Crafted from solid glass, these Pumpkinettes are as sturdy as they are enchanting, reflecting nature's true beauty in every facet. They're a visual feast that'll leave you craving more! 💥

Their handmade nature ensures that no two are alike, (although very similar to the images you see here) granting them an exclusive look and feel that's simply irresistible. Embrace the whimsy of unpredictability!

Buy some for you and your friends!  They make great housewarming gifts and match perfectly when someone you know needs an uplifting gift! 💕

Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991

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