Icicle: Winter Whites & Blues

Icicle: Winter Whites & Blues

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Michigan Icicle

This unique ornament has been with Glass Academy since the very beginning! 

Chris Nordin developed the Michigan Icicle as a signature item, celebrating the childhood memories we can all relate to, playing with real, frozen icicles in the tundra of Michigan winters.

Here we have colors that best reflect our shared memories. Your choices for decorating your home or tree full of these dripping wonders are: 100% 2nd Design Recycled Glass or crystal clear glass.

Mimic the outdoors in your own home, without bringing in the chill.

Best with natural light, these look amazing with any winter decor you would pair it to. A perfect gift for yourself, or anyone who loves the winter and wants to celebrate the glistening effect that glass offers.  


Watch LIVE glass blowing every Tuesday from 6-8PM (EST) on our show: The Gathering Point.  During this time, we'll be talking about current products available for sale AND showing you how we make them. It's both educational and fun!  Grab a beverage, hook up your TV to YouTube or Facebook, and sit back to enjoy exciting glassblowing entertainment from the Glass Academy!

Made in Dearborn, Michigan!

Being "green" is second nature here at the Glass Academy!

When our excess glass is melted down, all the other color melts out except for blue. Cobalt, the metal that creates the color blue in glass, always remains! The result is this beautiful watery blue color.