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A Sheep Show

A Sheep Show

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It's a Sheep Show!

Our sheep have come out to play and we're excited to show you all the varieties!!

🐑✨ Say hello to our magical flock of Handmade Glass Sheep! Crafted with love, each piece is a playful adventure waiting to brighten your collection. With every sheep boasting its own unique charm, every single one of our glass sheep is a masterpiece of individuality!!

Think of them as mini, glassy, grass-munching companions that don't need feeding. Except maybe, with admiration!

Their distinct personalities and intricate designs make them something fun and whimiscal, which one is ready to be part of your life?! Captured in their best angles on the website, they're strutting their stuff, waiting for someone to say, "Ewe're mine!"

💖  These handmade glass sheep are perfect for ewe!!! For those of you who appreciate a good giggle along with a dash of unique craftsmanship. They're not just pieces of glass; they're pieces of heart, humor, and maybe a tiny, tiny bit of stubbornness. Because, sheep.

👫 Spread the joy! Share your finds with friends and show off your unique taste on social media. Let the world see through your eyes the beauty of owning a piece that's truly one-of-a-kind.  We always love the displays and homes you make for our creatures!!

🏡💕 Adopt your very own glass sheep today, choose the one that speaks to you, but hurry—each sheep is a unique gem, once it's gone, it's truly gone.

🌟 Embrace the extraordinary with our Handmade Glass Sheep. Your heart will thank you for it.

Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991

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