What is your Favorite Pumpkin Style?

What is your Favorite Pumpkin Style?

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 🎃✨ Attention, pumpkin enthusiasts! Prepare to be delighted by our tasty sugar pumpkins! (Yes! They are made of glass and you cannot eat them! 😂😂😂) Dive into the magic with us and witness the artistry that goes into crafting these mesmerizing pumpkins! Join us during our LIVE show October 14 & 15th in our Dearborn studio. Not local? We have something special for you too, read on! 

Can you believe it's our 15th anniversary of the Glass Pumpkin Fest Show & Sale? From the very first year, we've been delighting our customers with pumpkins that transform your homes and cottages into seasonal displays of the fall harvest. 🏡✨

Our creations have evolved and multiplied over the years, introducing you to wonders like The Squasher, a sideways-sitting pumpkin designed by Chris, and the Van Gogh, a swirl of golds, whites, and deep metallic browns dancing on a canvas of colors, designed by Michelle!

And let's not forget the star of the show - The Sugar Pumpkin! Its textured glass layer adds a touch of magic, making it more than just a pumpkin – it’s a work of art you need to see for yourself! 🌟🎃

With a plethora of options to choose from, the excitement is truly endless! Which style will you choose this year? Let us know in the comments below! And mark your calendars for our Virtual showOctober 17th, 2023! 🗓️✨🎥

Get ready to be awestruck as we create our signature pumpkins LIVE, right before your eyes! ✨

Make sure to get your Virtual Show Ticket to join us on this magical journey. It's not just a show; it's an extravaganza of art, creativity, and pure shananagins! 🎟️✨


Your presence will add a sprinkle of joy to our pumpkin-filled celebration! Let the pumpkin magic begin! 🎃✨🌟


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I love the Van Gogh pumpkins – the colors are so pretty.

Monica Bristol

I would love to see a hot pink and black one!

Nicole Grashik

Jewel tone

Vicki Berman

I love the Cinderella’s coach and what ever the special color you choose!

Carol Jutras

I like all the pumpkins so far. It’s going to hard to pick just one.

Pat Wegner

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