Pumpkin Periwinkle…How It All Came To Be!

Pumpkin Periwinkle…How It All Came To Be!

This year, the summer the weeks flew by because I was having so much fun!  🙂💕 I was volunteering on a flower farm with a super talented owner that has a very discerning eye along with also being an amazingly talented flower farmer!

Each week I'd go to work to learn more about the flowers she had planted, how to harvest them and help prep them for upcoming weddings and wholesale orders.

Everyone needs a hobby, and this volunteer work was the perfect distraction for me. By giving me a break from the stresses of work, and the added bonus of meeting other flower farmers, while acquiring new skills not related to my current field of work.

Allowing me to be by beautiful colors, outdoors in the sun, and also a chance to get my exercise in by planting, pulling weeds, mulching the beds, and eventually harvesting many of the beautiful flowers from the farm was the perfect balance to working at the Glass Academy.

I soon learned, as an extra bonus from this farm, we were granted permission to take home some of the extra flowers on Fridays. Each week the assortment of flowers was different and it gave me the experimental time to play with shapes and colors, textures and patterns.

By mid summer when we were starting to plan for our fall pumpkin shows, I was really inspired by all the shades of purple I had been working with. Talking it over with Jacob, he mixed some colors together and came up with this Signature Periwinkle color.  

I have to admit, it took a bit to get the mixture right, and then to figure out the 2 colored stem that adorns the top of the pumpkin, but in the end, Jake was able to pull off a beautiful rendition of this years Signature Pumpkin! Periwinkle Purple!!

The stem is a mix of gold and white which allows some extra depth of color in the stem as it curls around the pumpkin.  Each one is handcradted and finished to perfection, while the molten glass is at a very specific temperature. If you wait too long, the stem will stiffen in place and you won't be able to curl it up.

Therefore, it is very essential to know how to properly add the 2 colors and control the heat perfectly to allow the stem to adhere and curl into the perfect position.

As you can see, the pumpkins are stunning! The light purple color has a wonderful depth and quality as the ribs of the pumpkin stretch and pull the color into the various crevices of the mold that shapes the ribs.

We invite you to share in this Signature 2022 pumpkin by purchasing it on our website.  A portion of the proceeds will be collected from each pumpkin and a small grant will be given to a farmer of our choice to continue the legacy of creating beauty and inspiration thru nature.

You can find more information about the 2022 Signature pumpkin on our home page.






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Very delightful color. All of you do such beautiful work.

Bill Lutz

Very delightful color. All of you do such beautiful work.

Bill Lutz

I love this place. I love the creativity, the love you all have for making one of a kind items, I love the pumpkins and demos at the Festival. There is also a “give back” to community , to those wanting to make this a better world.

Love You Guys


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