Organic farm inspires Detroit Artist to new levels!

Organic farm inspires Detroit Artist to new levels!

This spring I decided I needed to get back in shape AND spend more time outdoors.  I figured there had to be some way to combine both ideas, but the trick was how?  My main intention for being outdoors was for inspiration in regard to new work I was developing.  I wanted to work with plants and sunlight, shadow and pattern. And my intention for getting in shape, was, well, to get back in shape!

I wasn’t sure the best way to do both things as if I don’t have some skin in the game, I’m likely to back out or make excuses if it’s raining or too hot. Or decide that I could in fact come to a meeting or meet a client. 

The thing is, if an artist doesn’t take the time to recharge and fuel their tanks, the work suffers, and a quality product will not be produced.  A commitment to the outdoors would be that boost, and I found the perfect placed to do it.


Green Things Farm.  An organic farm in Ann Arbor.  5.5 miles from my home, so close that I could ride my bike~ and I often did.  (Until the summer heat reminded me to lighten up a bit!)  I work 2 days a week, 4 hours each day and I’ve learned a TON.  Most of which is the importance of buying food from your local farmer.  

Over the summer, I worked beside an awesome team of women on this amazing organic farm. I’ve planted, harvested and even made some flower bouquets for the market.  I’ve asked a million questions, tried new vegetable varieties and best of all, became SUPER inspired by the plants as I’ve watched them grow from seed to harvest.


The colors, the patterns, the textures~oh MY!  I'm super excited to translate these into new styles of pumpkins this fall.  I will continue my work on the farm until mid October if timing allows, so I know the best is yet to come.  I’m looking forward to the changing colors of the plants and vegetables and will share some images on FB and Instagram for everyone to see as my season with them winds down and I find myself with more time to spend on social media.

And a parting note, I know now more than ever, that farmers work super hard to plan and deliver great and delicious food in our region.  When ever possible, shop your local farmers market and support these amazing people.  Your soul will be rewarded.

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