Experimental Houses

Experimental Houses


Just like people, houses come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the diverse cultures and lifestyles of our global community. Picture this: you're taking a delightful stroll around the world, and every turn unveils a new chapter in architectural history. From the elegant simplicity of Japanese Ryokans to the vibrant hues of Caribbean Bungalows, homes are as unique as the people who live in them. That's why I want to create a new line of glassware, revolving around the house and home. Those special things that define our reality in our special way.

The former quintessential American Dream was the suburban marvel! These houses, with their picket fences and sprawling lawns, have become iconic symbols of comfort and aspiration. They embody the spirit of homeownership, echoing the dreams of millions. But oh, don't be fooled! The USA isn't just about cookie-cutter homes; there's an eclectic mix of styles from coast to coast, from the sleek modernity of Californian villas to the historic charm of New England Colonials.

Finding the perfect home is like discovering a rare gem – it takes time, patience, and a touch of luck. It's a bit like dating; you go through a variety of options before you find "the one". Some crave the cozy embrace of a cottage, while others yearn for the chic minimalism of an urban loft. What makes the best home? Is it the size, the location, or the memories you create within its walls? Perhaps it's the feeling of belonging, the warmth that envelopes you as you step inside. These are all concepts I'm looking to explore.

Imagine painters meticulously capturing the intricate details of rustic farmhouses or photographers documenting the urban skyline, framed by apartment buildings. Houses have inspired countless artistic masterpieces, becoming symbols of shelter, dreams, and the human experience. Artists like Edward Hopper and Grant Wood immortalized houses in their works, evoking a sense of nostalgia and contemplation.

Artists find inspiration in the architectural diversity, the stories embedded in the bricks, and the emotions lingering in the air. Houses become canvases, expressing the dreams and aspirations of humanity, painting a vivid portrait of our shared existence.

I'm interested in the spirt of the home. The essence of the walls, the floor boards, the exterior. I'm looking forward to creating a new line of works that explore these spaces we call home. I'm considering switching around the shape so that keepsake treasures could be stored in the actual house where the roof would come off and you can put things inside. OR, allowing you to choose different roof styles....there is so much to explore!

Share your comments below to give me some feedback. When these houses come to life in the gallery, I'll be sure to share the link so you can watch the evolution of the final project! Thanks for watching! 😃

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Lots of great little tidbits of information in this video, especially for a new follower of the glass academy or glass blowing in general. Nice video Michelle!

Kerry Methot

Like the house idea. Can it be larger? Hope to see that sometime in the future.

Mariann Heuset

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