Do you have the Shiny Object syndrome?

The shiny object syndrome has kept us running at 100% full speed for the past 15 years.  My guess is that it’s going to happen for the next 15 as well.  Good thing Chris and I are married since we both have this affliction, we might as well play off each other! 

Try as I might, I can’t stop.  I’m continually thinking of ways to improve, advance, explore, and try new ideas.  It’s just exciting!!  The shiny object floats past my vision, enters my mind, and I can’t stop until we’ve tried the idea, product, etc.

YES!!  We can do that!!

YES!!  That’s a great idea!!

YES!!  I’m in!!

More than once, this shiny object syndrome has gotten me in trouble, but other times, it’s served us well.  Take today for instance.  We’ve been working in the studio making pumpkins for our upcoming show in October.  Every day is a new day, new styles, new colors and then VOILA!  We find our signature special for 2019.  Now it’s time to share the vision with the team and the public.  GO, GO, GO!!

We want to do pre-sales (shiny object) so we know exactly the public demand for this pumpkin, we want to be sure we make enough.

And then, (shiny object) wouldn’t it be great to tie it into the farm I worked on this summer in some way?  Add: donation of sales to the farm.

And don’t forget (shiny object) how do we display them in the studio? 

And then- Marketing.  We need pictures, promotions, press releases, and more!  Shiny objects swirling all around my head!

The good thing to know is when you are passionate about something, it’s easy to do the work.  The details fall into place, the stars align, and the event will come and go and with any luck, we’ll all share the rewards of a fun event.

Sometimes we are on target and everything works out great, other times, we mess up, but in the end we always learn something!  This season’s pumpkin show, for the first time ever, we’re doing preorders for the signature pumpkin.  You’ll pick it up in Dearborn, you’ll still get to choose which one you want, big, tall, green stem or gold, but you are guaranteed a signature American Jewel© pumpkin if you place the pre-order.  We’ll have a beautiful display in the studio just for everyone who placed an order from the website.

I highly suggest you jump in!  Find YOUR shiny object with us!!  You won’t be disappointed. We have limited quantities so when we reach the limit, the offer comes down.

Please reach out should you have additional questions. Just call the studio at 313-561-4527

The American Jewel©
This 2019 signature pumpkin is warm and vibrant with a feel of extravagance and luxury within its deep hues. Transparent in color, the purple hue is accentuated with thin stylized ribs, and a decorative curly stem in gold, green, or a shiny reflective brown.  In any light, it is truly stunning!!

Here’s how the pumpkin came about; “This summer I worked two days a week on a local organic farm in Ann Arbor.” reflects Michelle Plucinsky, co-owner of the Glass Academy.  “This experience brought many new insights, inspirations for color pattern and design, as well as refreshed physical strength and endurance!  It also got me thinking on how we can best support our community.  We make beautiful glass pumpkins that endure forever, was there a way to share the bounty of beauty that our customers enjoy with the bounty of produce?”

Yes, there is!  The 2019 signature pumpkin will retail for $100 and for every one sold, $10 will be donated to a specific local organic farm in Ann Arbor. 

Chris Nordin, co-owner of the Glass Academy chimes in with his thoughts; “It is truly a classic, and as I was making each one by hand, I was reflective of the local farmers that provide our food and how thankful we are that we have options to buy from these local farms.”

You can create a new tradition this harvest season and know that YOUR dollars help grow the local economy, the entrepreneur, the farmer, and the artist! Each pumpkin comes with a certificate of authenticity and is branded with our GA lettermark. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Pre-order your signature pumpkin now, right HERE
Use the code: PICKUP to save on shipping, must be picked up at the Dearborn studio.


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