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Glass Academy

#2 Loyalty League Members Only: Weekly Warmer Upper!

#2 Loyalty League Members Only: Weekly Warmer Upper!

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Loyalty League!  

Only YOU can purchase this item!!


For a riveting two hours, you get a front-row seat to a performance where art meets mastery right before your eyes! 🔥🎭  And the extra bonus you get?  YOU get the magic link that brought you here to be able to purchase this piece.

Star Supports are great but you took the leap to our Highest Level of Patronage and we want to reward you with some very uniuqe opportunities.  This is one of them!

But, grasp this rarity—the magnificent pieces you are admiring now are fleeting treasures, available only to our Loyalty League Members. They remain in our gallery for a mere week, this makes each creation a rare gem, a unicorn if you will, that will vanishes to make room for the next wave of extraordinary art next week.

If you like it, buy it!  You know the deal, there will never be another like it again AND you'll get to watch it crafted again on Youtube when ever you want!!

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