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Recycle: 2nd Design Mugs

Recycle: 2nd Design Mugs

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Recycle: 2nd Design Mugs

Being "green" is second nature here at the Glass Academy! When our excess glass is melted down, all the other color melts out except for Cobalt, the metal that creates the color blue in glass. The result is our iconic 2ND Design blue color.

These mugs are ideal for a cool iced tea, a crisp lemonade or a perfectly refreshing glass of water in the summer. Due to the soft nature of our glass, our mugs cannot withstand hot temperatures, like coffee or other hot beverages.

Frost: This mature mug features a crackled body, a dragon-back handle runner and soft rounded paddy for the foot.

Soft Twist: This classic mug features a twisted body, a perfectly smooth spherical thumb grip, a dragon-back handle runner and a rosetta swirl foot.

Modern: This sleek mug features a gorgeous clear body, a perfectly smooth handle and a comfortable thumb saddle.

Ribbed: This proud mug features a tall curvaceous and ridged body, a perfectly smooth handle and a sunken thumb saddle.

Petals: This feminine mug features a waffle body, a dragon-back handle runner and a rosetta swirl foot.

Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991


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