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Glass Academy

2nd Design Puddles / Detroit and Michigan

2nd Design Puddles / Detroit and Michigan

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Detroit Puddle

This art piece has been with us since we opened our studio in 1991. Representing our great city is something we are proud to share with you.

Molten glass is poured over a Detroit sewer cap lid, placing you straight in the historic streets of one of the United States' oldest and well known cities. As it is allowed to cool, it imprints the image of the cap, leaving a frozen in time impression.

We use 100% recycled glass from our studio. This puddle is truly one-of-a-kind, each one sporting a unique shape, just like a real puddle.

The original Detroit Puddle size ~ 11.5" wide.

Mini Detroit Puddle size is ~ 6.5" wide.

Mini Michigan Puddle size is ~ 6.5" wide. 

Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991

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