We Ship With Care!

How do you ship that?!! WITH CARE!

We are super talented!  Trust me when I say we have been shipping glass successfully for years! 😃  We have every intention to get you a beautiful piece of keepsake glassware in your hands to enjoy!

Since the beginning of our company in 1993, we've had to ship and move glass of all sizes and dimensions so we've learned over the years what to do, and what not to do.  We pack each piece of glass inside a reusable box with some shred and a product statement about the glass.  This is a box you can use to store your glass if you so choose OR, if you're giving it as a gift, know that it has an inner box that looks lovely, and you can present as a gift.

Once the inner box is packed, we then select a new, heavy duty outer cardboard box.  Many times it has 2-3" inside of reclaimed packing peanuts inside.  We like to use those packing peanuts that other companies throw away so they don't go into a landfill, but instead get used multiple times!  (We hope you recycle them too!)

Once tucked inside that outer box, we add some info and literature to enjoy, plus a pen so you never forget how to reach us for your next order!

We ship 2x a week and do our best to get you your glass in a timely manner because we know how much you want to enjoy it!

Shipping costs are calculated by an automated system that works with our website, taking into account your address and the weight of the product, giving an accurate cost each time.

If you have any additional questions about shipping, feel free to give us a call at (313) 561-4527 or email your questions to: glassadmin@glassacademy.com