Percolla Reeds- Original Product from the Glass Academy

Percolla Reeds- Original Product from the Glass Academy

Is there synergy between the much larger projects Michelle and you create for corporate and residential clients and the Glass Academy hands on experiences and products?

 Wow, great question! There sure is.

    Considering we were making corporate installations for close to 15 years before we even opened the Glass Academy, we had a lot of design experience under our belts.

    These projects are what provoked us to want to create a business, much like a piece of art, that would allow people to enjoy the glass by more than just observing what Michelle and I created. We wanted our customers to have their own creative experience and offering an opportunity for them to have a hands-on-experience with the glass was our plan. It was equally important for us to give the opportunity for people to watch Michelle and I blow glass in the studio as well as our hired team of craftsmen. Lets be frank, glassblowing is one of the hardest things to do on the planet and a skilled craftsmen can make it look really easy.

    Once we bought our building in Dearborn 2003 it was time to start creating the events and hands on experiences.

    Many of the larger projects along the way had glass elements in them that were perfect things to simplify to create a hand on experience around for our customers. People saw these installations and fell in love with them, so we knew they would want to create something like it of their own. One of the first was the Large glass reeds that we would light from within with custom LED’s. This was in the Key Center Marriott hotel lobby in Cleveland OH. They were about as organic as you could get and people loved them. These designs inspired the “Percolla Reed” experience. Another great series of projects were the forged steel branches I would make with stylized glass leaves all over them. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital donor wall “The forest of recognition” inspired the “Tavalo Leaf” experience.

   Michelle and I are still creating new and exciting installations currently for private residences, Hotels, Hospitals and much more. These types of projects will most definitely insure that we are continually offering cool and creative hands on experiences for our customers of today and a long time into the future.






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