Glass Academy Featured in Metro Mode

Glass Academy Featured in Metro Mode

(all photos by David Lewinksi)

Metro Mode wrote a fabulous article about Dearborn's Glass Academy!

From the article:

There is perhaps no better representative of a city’s arts-nurturing culture than Dearborn’s Michelle Plucinsky, co-owner and co-founder of the Glass Academy. Her story involves city programs, cultural institutions, and opportunity, the combination of which results in a successful arts-based business, and all within her hometown.

Born and raised in Dearborn, Plucinsky grew up attending city-sponsored hands-on crafting sessions in the parks. She’d take classes at The Henry Ford, learning about printing and weaving, making the connection between a textiles class and the clothing that we wear. Art is beautiful, yes, but it can also be functional. It was at The Henry Ford where Plucinsky fell in love with the art of glass making. It has since become her life’s work...

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