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What are Your Words for 2023?

If you were watching our LIVE show last week, The Gathering Point, you may have answered the question; “What are your words for 2023?”

I felt that many of you remained silent, the chat bar wasn’t very active, so I thought I'd ask again in this blog post. Was this the first time you had heard of such a thing? Setting your intentions for the New Year in just a few words? Or had you not given thought to the new year yet and what you’d like to manifest in 2023?

This isn't only an entrepreneurs mindset, it can be for everyone. From the very young to the very old, why not create your destiny in the direction of what you’d like to have in your life?

My words: NEW CONNECTIONS, FUN, LAUGHTER. And I’m going for that 100%!! Bring it on!! If you are not fun, I don’t need to be around you. If we’re not laughing together, then I’m not interested. Life is too heavy these days not to be having fun and laughing, that’s my goal for 2023.

And new connections? That one is easy right? We meet new people all the time; at the studio, online, when we travel, etc. But notice, I said new connections. I didn’t say easy, friendly, effortless, new connections (although I may want to change that!). I’m always up for a challenge and already the new year has proven to be fruitful with new opportunities to have these connections.

For instance, a customer reached out this week wanting to take the private class for herself and friends.  After she got done saying our products were “silly, ugly,” and “nothing she’d ever put in her home” she continued to tell us exactly what she wanted to make, and the how and why she was capable to do so, although she has never worked with molten glass before.

She wanted “useful, practical, and beautiful items she could put in her home”.  Fair enough. Here’s a new connection!

Or, how about the lovely couple, mid 60’s, retired and taking our $35 entry level glass experience last night.  The gentleman pulled me aside after class asking, how exactly do you earn a living, because the 12 students in class at $35 each surely wasn’t enough income to pay the staff hired to work that class. (Two teachers, two gallery staff, overhead, materials, etc.)  It was a valid question, he certainly wasn’t far off to make that analysis. 

So questions develop and the trick becomes how should we answer these people? They are valid questions and comments, and while not exactly soft and fuzzy ones, they are being asked and wanting an answer.

I’ve learned to respond slowly, not react.  For every question asked, there are 10x the people who want to ask, but never do.  So I usually spin the question back to them. “Why do you ask?” Why is it you care how I make my living? I certainly don’t ask people their wage or salary, how they spend their money, what gives them meaning in their lives, or what brings them joy. Or I don’t ask a heart surgeon to ‘try’ a surgery, or a professional violinist to 'play' a concert with them. And I don’t ask my dentist to ‘donate a free cleaning because you’ll get exposure'. All the crazy things we get asked. 

We can get angry and insulted, or we can just get curious and have a conversation.  We’ve chosen this lifestyle and somehow we’ve made it work.  We’re here sharing our talents and skills, always reaching for new heights, while also allowing ourselves time to create, rejuvenate and regroup. 

We all wish the same for you in 2023! So, give some thoughts to those words of 2023, what would you like to manifest for your this year?

And now it's time for the studio to have some down time. We will be closed January 9-16th for a week long staff break. Online shopping is available, but the gallery will be closed for the week while we all chill out and reset for the new year. 

We resume with normal gallery hours starting January 19th, 2023.  We look forward to seeing you in the new year!



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I didn’t know exactly what my intentions were at the time when the question was asked during the live. After giving it some thought my words for 2023 are laughter, kindness and expansion.
We can never have enough joy and laughter is usually the key.
After a rough few years I have learned that kindness goes a long way to find out what is really happening in someone’s life, good or bad.
Expansion for me is both personal in going back to school and professional with finding a new career after having the same job 13 years and being laid off.
I appreciate you all sharing your thoughts, stories and talents during the shows.
I wish you all the best in 2023 and look forward to what this year has to bring and to see how your creativity shines.

Lynn St. Pierre

Hi Michelle, I loved your words and this blog. I love the way you handle the somewhat intrusive questions because I know that you guys have so much more going on and things that you do that those people do not know about. They are only seeing what they are experiencing at the moment. You and your family are wonderful people! Keep up the great work you guys do. Sincerely Bonny

Bonny Letlow

Have a great week off.
My 3 words are

Loretta Reichardt

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