The Michigan Renaissance Festival features the Glass Academy as the Royal Glassmakers

The Michigan Renaissance Festival features the Glass Academy as the Royal Glassmakers

“ Is there a difference in the product you make for the Glass Academy Gallery and the work made at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as the Royal Glass Makers ? And if so, what are they?”

       Wow, with the Renaissance festival right around the corner, starting this weekend and running all the way through the whole month of Sept. that’s a great question.

       We have some items that we bring out to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly MI from the Glass Academy, but the fun of the festival is creating themed items that are from that time period and in that style. Drink horns, Barbarian beer mugs and a multitude of daggers, swords and axes, and our most popular product: the Bosom Chiller!

     I would like to say that the Glass Academy only has several products in our production line but alas, that isn’t the case. Michelle and my creative juices have forced us to design and manufacture hundreds of items over the years and the fair has only thrown fuel on our creative fire!

        One of my favorite parts about the festival is making custom orders for customers while they watch the show. Blowing glass in the outdoors is a fun challenge we enjoy, and some of the customers of the fair, do not make it over to our headquarters in Dearborn.  We do custom work 6 or 7 times a year at the Glass Academy during our signature shows, but the Renaissance festival is a whole new style of work that we can experiment and play with. At the fair we demonstrate glassblowing day long, both Sat & Sun with educational facts and some fantasy ones too so you’re also learning something new and it’s a very family friendly show.  For the next 7 weekends, with 16 days total into the fall season, we’ll be thrilling crowds with these shows.

 Into the future I feel the fair is a percolator for new ideas and experimentation. So if you have never been out to The Michigan Renaissance Festival come to visit the Royal Glass Makers near the Mother Oak stage!  I suggest this year is the year you need to come out.   You’ll get to see me blowing glass on stage in a mid evil costume, having a blast and you can be a part of the excitement!

 See you out there!

 Chris Nordin aka The Royal Glassmaker.

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I’m trying to find Melissa and George Bachmann.they lived in Pontiac in the 90’s off Huron st.i have some of his work and wanted to find them.They own a booth at the holly you know who the booth owners are?

Marlene Campbell

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