Sticker Mule Hits the Studio Floor!

Sticker Mule Hits the Studio Floor!

The box came unexpected and since no one knew what was inside, it sat on the shelf for a few days.  It was a small box, with a few things rolling around inside but I wasn’t quite sure what it actually was.

Jessica, our resident graphic designer had been working on some new swag items.  She’ll order things and get them in the pipeline of our promotional products, but we never really know when they will show up after the final edits.  Most of the time, I totally forget these items are coming until the boxes show up.

Once I realized it was from Sticker Mule we tore it open to witness the gold inside.  Promotional marketing stickers for our live glassblowing show:  The Gathering Point.  They looked amazing!!  Great quality and very slick.  We were super happy with the quality and the product, but then we saw the bonuses in the box!

Hot Sauce?!  Could it be true?  We opened it up and gave it a taste, not bad!  The next question, do we take it home to enjoy or leave it at the studio for our lunches?  Let’s just say the bottle is now empty, used up and recycled.  Thinking we better place another sticker order to get more!  😉

We also received a Sticker Mule, mule sticker.  Yep, that’s right, a sticker of the mule they use for marketing.  We stuck it on a red mug, and now it’s the go to mug for the studio.  You’ll always know who had it last by where you find it in the studio.  Production table?  That was Jake.  Hanging in the welding area?  Chris.  In BATCH gallery, that's Christina.  The front office?  That’s Michelle for sure.  Every once and a while, someone else will snag him, and that’s about the only time you’ll find him where he belongs, on the coffee rack!!

However, on our last photo shoot, I snagged him.  Enjoyed a fine cup of coffee with him as well while I positioned him around the studio during the shoot.  I figured he might as well end up in some social media shots with us.  Look for him next time you’re in the studio and see if you can find whose got him. 

And as a bonus for you, mention reading this Sticker Mule blog and we’ll give you a special prize for your own coffee mug at home! 


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What a great little tid bit on how the gathering point design came about! I’m sure it may have been mentioned and I missed it, but I’m glad I read this. (Now I know) Maybe play “spot the mug?” on a show for a fun little giveaway sometime!

Lynn St. Pierre

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