Let's Talk About Mugs!

Let's Talk About Mugs!

Why are all the mugs you sell in the Gallery different? Do you ever make sets of mugs or glasses for wedding parties? What are some of the most popular themes you have incorporated into pieces during happy hour? 

Another great question!

Lets start with the mugs in the gallery. I really try to make one-of-a-kind mugs for the gallery so that people can see all the possibilities that are available. Color is the biggest component. After that the shape of the mug and volume are determined. The handle is really important because a nice proper sized handle makes a comfortable mug. The foot or the bottom of the mug is a decision as well and having 6 or 7 different styles in the gallery makes it easy to decide. The thumb bit at the top of the handle makes for a custom feel as well as the dragon back which is the bit or piece of molten glass that is dripped down the back of the handle and than sculpted into a one of a kind decorative accent. Most people fall in love with one that’s in the gallery and take it home right then. It’s easy to do because we normally have about 20-30 mugs on display. But if you can’t find the one that’s for you then you can sign up for our Happy Hour Experience.

Do I ever make sets of mugs?

I sure do but I don’t make them to be on display in the gallery. Most people who want a set decide to choose there own custom colors so I let them pick out the type of mugs they want and then I custom make them all the same. I have done this a lot for weddings, such as groomsmen gifts, even bridesmaid gifts too. I love making sets of the same pieces because this tests your technical ability and I’m always up for a challenge.

As for the themes and or the craziest mugs I have made during Happy Hour, I’m going to tell you all about that next week on my Facebook stream at 7pm on June 27th. As well as who the lucky winner is of the beer tickets from the contest.

See you all next week,
Chris Nordin

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