How the Meditation Globe™ Came To Be!

How the Meditation Globe™ Came To Be!

Meditation Globe™

Yes, it’s a modern version of the classic paperweight. I can’t fool you!  But really, when was the last time you saw a paperweight, yet alone used one?  Traditionally, it’s purpose was to hold down your papers and keep them from blowing about.  That’s assuming you had open windows in your office, but these days we have air conditioning and computers.  The role of the paperweight has been fulfilled in an era from the past.

Hence, the Meditation Globe™A decorative, colorful, solid glass orb that one can enjoy while contemplating the mysteries of the universe!

I have mine on our kitchen window sill, and another in the bathroom.  While washing dishes (yes, we still choose to do them by hand) or brushing my teeth, I can mindlessly stare into this colorful little orb and lose myself in its twisting colors and bubbles.



Depending how the sun reflects through the window and bounces off the glass, this gazing ball never disappoints!

The cool thing about the Meditation Globe™ is that they are just like snowflakes: no two are ever alike.  Even when choosing the same colors, using the same glass shaping techniques, you can never fully duplicate the same look or pattern.

That’s another reason why customers  and patrons of the arts continue to take this class over and over, there is always a new pattern and design to explore.   We offer this class all year long for repeat visits.  There is little room for error or mistakes, rather, only a great chance for beautiful results for every customer.

When I first learned how to blow glass, it was important to learn how to use all the hand tools correctly.  That in itself was a skillset that would take years of mastery, but practicing using the tools while making paperweights was the perfect thing for me.  Because I learned to blow glass at the Henry Ford museum, and paperweights were part of the collection, they became part of my training, and now part of the Glass Academy’s training too!

Achieving the perfect round globe is no joke!  Timing, heat, and proper use of the tools will ensure that perfect round globe.  Are you up for the challenge?

We here at the Glass Academy can help you achieve this level of mastery in just one class!!  Of course we coach and guide you through everything you need to know, assisting you along the way, so don’t stress about a thing.  Our goal is to make this a fun and enjoyable experience with a super cool result in the end.

When you get your finished globe, set it in a place that your eyes will find daily and enjoy the soothing, calm presence it provides. Show off those beauties for the world to see and share your images with us using the hashtag #GAmeditationglobe

Sign up HERE to make your own Meditation Globe™ and enjoy this hands-on class experience! 

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