HOLIDAY!  Let the season begin! ☃️🌲

HOLIDAY! Let the season begin! ☃️🌲

🌟🎄 Hello to all our cherished friends and family in the Glass Academy community! 🎄🌟 Who was able to attend the virtual LIVE show? What a thrilling night it was!!

I'm Michelle Plucinsky, co-founder of The Glass Academy, here as your MC for our specialty shows and events.  I'm thrilled to personally invite you to our heartwarming Holiday Glass Blowing Show. This isn't just an event; it's a celebration of art, passion, and the holiday spirit, crafted especially for you, our valued community! 🥰

🔥 Join us in this enchanting journey as my talented colleagues, Chris and Jake Nordin, alongside our dedicated team, showcase their extraordinary skills. We're not just transforming glass; we're weaving magic and memories, creating holiday pieces that you'll treasure forever. 🌈🎨

This Special Holiday Collection is close to my heart and planned months in advance so we can create this specialty show.  Tell us in the comments below how you like the show!

 ⛄️ Whimsical and character driven Snowmen are more than just festive decor; they're joyous companions!!  Making them a great pick me up for relatives that our out of town (hint: you can have them delivered right to the recipient's door with a special note attached!) Each snowman is adorned with a hat and fabric scarf, which allows you to match it to your tastes and styles if you don't like the scarf we provide! 🧣 Each has it's own unique expression and style and brings joy in so many ways.

This video also features 🐧❄️ adorable handcrafted Penguins that Chris developed during the final months of 2019.  These aren’t just glass figures; they're symbols of love and care, each penguin a unique character, crafted with immense attention to detail. 🐧💙

🌲 Enchanting Glass Trees: These trees are beacons of hope and wonder, sparkling with the magic of winter in every detail of the tree. ✨  Chris designed these in the early years of the Glass Academy as a tribute to all his years of winter camping in Northern Michigan.  Those images of trees, they just stayed in his mind all these years! 

Each piece from our collection is not just a work of art; it's a part of our soul, a story told through glass.  If you follow us on social, you're going to want a piece of the action!  Be sure to visit the website after your watch the video! Go ahead, pick out something special for yourself at

📹 About This Video: it's a window into our world. think of this as a behind-the-scenes of a small, privately owned, glass studio in Michigan.  We have over 85 collective years of glassblowing between the main 3 owners and it shows! 🥰 There is no other studio that can match our creativity and unique products in such a professional and loving way.  Once you watch, you'll be engaged in our fun-loving community.

You'll feel the warmth of the furnace thru our interesting and informative glass blowing videos and witness the transformation of glass into art. Our commentary will guide you, offering an intimate glimpse into our creative process. ✅ AND, you too can be part of the action! 😳 If watching us on Facebook OR YouTube, you'll be able to comment, share and join in the fun during the LIVE show.  Come join us on Tuesday night at 6pm (EST) USA.

But wait, there's more! 😂😂😂 We invite you to become an even closer part of our family. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube page for more behind-the-scenes magic, and follow us on Facebook to stay updated with our latest creations and events. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share more of our glassblowing journey with you.  It's FREE to follow so consider signing up and joining us each week.

There are so many ways to stay in touch with us!!

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We have years of successful shipping experience behind us so know that your package will arrive 100% in perfect shape!  Know that there will be tool marks, color imperfections and subtle details that highlight these items were handcrafted with time, love and attention just as you see in this video. 🎥

If you are buying from us online, we have a high standard for quality control and each one has to pass a strict quality control inspection by us before it heads out the door. ✅  We guarantee all our products will match these high standards.  Try us! 💕👍🏻

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The Guys make everything look so easy! I love watching the create the 🎄🐧⛄️ 🦌 candy canes, puddles… Michelle, I can’t wait to see the upclose and personal videos!! Thank You for resharing the virtual show❤️💚❤️

Carol Jutras

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