A Mythical Masterpiece in Glass

A Mythical Masterpiece in Glass


The Experimental Show #89
Available Sunday, Sept. 17th @ 9AM

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Join us on this enchanting journey as we take you behind-the-scenes at the Glass Academy to craft a stunning Glass Battle Axe!

Welcome, fellow lovers of all things Renaissance, Fantasy, and Gaming! 🏰🐉🎮 If you've ever dreamed of wielding a weapon straight out of your favorite epic saga, then you're in for a treat during this Experimental show.

In this mesmerizing episode, we delve deep into the realm of fantasy and imagination, where hot molten glass transforms into a decorative masterpiece that's sure to capture the hearts of fantasy enthusiasts and gamers alike. Whether you're a devoted fan of medieval lore or a passionate gamer seeking unique treasures for your collection, this glass battle axe is an absolute must-see.

🪓 What to Expect:
🔥 Witness the mesmerizing transformation of molten glass into a mythical masterpiece.
🛡️ Explore the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every inch of this stunning glass battle axe.
🌟 Get inspired to bring a touch of fantasy into your home decor or gaming lair.
👑 Dive into the world of epic tales and legendary quests that this enchanting artifact embodies.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: What's your favorite glassblowing technique or demonstration from our recent live show, and why? What techniques would you like to see more of?

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Love the Van Gogh styles. Would love to see more of the “witch globes” in the making, and in the gallery for sale. Love to see the twisting of the glass, and the making of the stripes on the items. Love everything you do , basically!!

Wendy McKinnis

I love watching you add the dots to the swirling glass. And they’re always perfect!!!

Marylou McLeod

The mold and twist is my favorite

Susan Bell

Don’t have a favorite all of the techniques are all so fascinating to watch

deb lashbrook

Can I place an order for a custom Battle Ax?


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