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2 Dimes Giveback

There was a time when people kept 2 dimes in their pockets in case they ever needed to make an emergency phone call.  Sounds strange these days, doesn’t it?  It was a simple thing to create a feeling of security in case you needed to get in touch with someone, most often, your mom, and probably for a ride home.  All the same, 2 dimes in your pocket meant you could take off for a day of adventure knowing you had your back covered.

These days, we need a bit more protection than 2 dimes in our pockets.  We need organizations that protect the ocean, that teach us alternative pain management techniques, and others that support our mental health.  Still, more non-profits exist to support front line workers and healthcare professionals, and animal rescue services to give us access to wonderful pets!  The list is a never-ending supply of goodness, to bring awareness and reprieve to the human needs we have.

Here at the Glass Academy, we’ve given back to our community since inception.  We have been pretty quiet about it, as we don’t like to boast about the dollar amount of donations because that’s not what's important.  The real goal is to bring awareness and support to organizations that matter to us, to our community, and those we love.

Starting in 2021, the 2 Dimes Giveback program is a new partnership with like-minded organizations that share our passions.  Ones that have positive messages, active members that have their hands in the community doing good, and ones that honor and share the values of the Glass Academy.

Through our Facebook Live Shows, we’re going to feature some of very important organizations to us and introduce you to them throughout the year!  There will be special promotions that will give attention and energy to these causes and hopefully create new awareness.  In addition, donations will be made from the Glass Academy, from each sale during a specific time period, to each organization, if applicable.

Join us as we continue to share our journey on our live shows, an ever-evolving blast into the future with excitement and a shared path of wellness and happiness! 


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  • That’s a great idea..go for it…….you are all very special.

    Betzy Idzkowski

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