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Glass Spring Fling 2022

What: Glass Spring Fling
When: May 6, 7 & 8
Where: Dearborn Studio

One-of-a-kind gallery event, classes and glassblowing demonstrations

After a two year hiatus, in-person events are coming back to the Glass Academy! The comeback begins in May 2022, as Batch Gallery presents the 1st annual Glass Spring Fling. This show spotlights our signature spring glass creations for purchase and some new creations for 2022!  

All glassware is available for purchase, and special commissions will be accepted during the show. Live glassblowing demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day, making this a family-friendly, date friendly, and educational show. Free street parking is always available.

The event kicks off with live glass blowing demonstrations, May 6th and runs through May 31st, with weekly restocks every Friday. Glass Academy tour host, Aurora Gross, says, “Fridays are always exciting at Batch Gallery. The first thing I do, before I get the studio ready for the evening classes, is take a lap around the gallery to look out for new pieces. Today the new whimsical garden gnomes caught my eye”.

Every year, the Glass Academy features a decorative spring-themed environment, making the gallery feel like a colorful glass garden featuring handcrafted glass slugs, snails, sprouts, mushrooms, chicks, nest bowls, and more! This year we are opening our garden up to the public for a unique shopping experience. 

Educational live glassblowing demonstrations take place during the show and will be posted on FB to watch. Special commissions are accepted and encouraged. “These special commissions are crowd favorites, where our customers get to design their own colors in our spring line and our talented craftsmen bring their designs to life in glass” says Chris Nordin, co-owner of the Glass Academy. “This is the fun part where families will stay for hours to enjoy the demonstrations and learn something new, then purchase a handcrafted glass souvenir from the gallery as a family keepsake.”

Prices start at $8 for magnets with mid range items ranging from $48-88 and select custom orders starting at $250. Batch Gallery is host to many other glass products with seasonal appeal, including pumpkins, cacti, ornaments, and the Michigan Pine™, a studio master-designed product from artist Chris Nordin.

About the Glass Academy

The Glass Academy is a 14,000-square-foot working studio that features a 2,000-square-foot gallery with handmade glass products on display, including beer mugs, ornaments and additional original designs from master artists Michelle Plucinsky, Chris Nordin, and Jake Nordin. On the weekends, the space is used for classes, private events, and tours that educate and demonstrate the glass arts. Free street parking is always available.