CoronaVirus in Glass
CoronaVirus in Glass
CoronaVirus in Glass

CoronaVirus in Glass

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CoronaVirus in Glass!

We like to have fun here at the Glass Academy and we decided to play around with the molten glass. In our attempt to do so, we made a CoronaVirus out of solid glass about the time the pandemic first struck Michigan.

We figured it would be a great item to throw against a brick wall, keep as a memento, or just as a place holder of a time in history.

While we realize this is a serious pandemic, we also realize as artists, it's our duty to bring beauty and attention to the moments that shape our culture. This is one of those moments. Read more about how they were created on our blog.

These CoronaViruses are one-of-a-kind and about the size of a small orange, 2.0"- 2.5" round. They sit upright on a small patty of glass and are inscribed with the date they are made. 

To watch video of the first day we made them (March 18th, 2020) subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Made in Dearborn, Michigan!