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Glassy Chick 2020 Signature Shard pattern

Glassy Chick 2020 Signature Shard pattern

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These are the glass birds you watched on our Facebook live feed March 28 and March 30th. These fun-loving birds are hand made in our Dearborn studio and each one has its own unique personality.  This color mix is unique to the studio and NEW for 2020.  Be the first to own one!

We attach handmade metal legs to the bird’s body giving them a playful look and bird feet!  Also, it creates a bit of attitude for each bird giving it it’s own unique personality.

The eyes are made with murrinni, a small glass bit of multiple colors that becomes the eye of the Glassy Chick.  We attach these to the surface of the bird. They remain slightly raised and protruding giving a lifelike quality to the eye.

Each bird has a name tag attached to give them extra saucy personality!!  We’ll pick the perfect bird for you!!