Glass Gardens

The Glass Academy presents its 12th Annual Glass Gardens Show live on Facebook!  Featuring the original and handcrafted, ‘Cactus Pianta’ and other decorative glass accents for the home garden, along with free live educational glassblowing demonstrations each hour.

During this heat wave in Michigan, it’s easy to think about cacti thriving in the heat and the Glass Academy has some made in glass that will last a lifetime! Originally designed by Master Glass Artist, Michelle Plucinsky, these cacti are unique in their characteristics. Requiring no water, soil, or need to be pruned of sharp spikes. These glass cacti are all-original and hand crafted in the Dearborn studio.

“We created about 10 unique color patterns for these Cactus Pianta” Explains Michelle Plucinsky, co-founder of the Glass Academy. “Customers can mix and match them for an indoor display that is both decorative and beautiful!”

Also featured at the show are the Glass Academy’s signature decorative accents called Percolla Reeds. The Percolla Reed is a solid glass rod coated with bright colors of glass and twisted to look like the glass is blowing in the wind. These Percolla Reeds are purely fun, decorative items for the garden and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and look great in outdoor gardens among the plants and flowers.