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Giving Back Initiative - Nominate Your Hero!

Covid-19 glass sculpture making

The heroes of this pandemic are all around us: grocery store workers, delivery people, healthcare workers, custodians, restaurant workers and all essential people.

We're not blind to the amazing services they are providing while we isolate in this pandemic. While we are with our families, they are on the front lines EVERYDAY doing what it takes so we can flatten the curve. Now it’s time to recognize some of those heroes that really make a difference in our communities; individuals in your network, who went above and beyond during this crisis.

Do you know that person? Now is the time to nominate those individuals! Fill out this form and we’ll do the rest.

Every week, during our live feed, we will pick one hero who deserves this honor and share their story on our blog and Facebook page.

Because we are all in this together.


For every CoronaVirus in Glass sold, we donate $25 to local businesses in our community. To purchase, shop here.

Watch our live feeds on Facebook every Tuesday and Friday from 6-8pm. The winners will be featured during this time and you can learn more about our community giving at the Glass Academy.