Non-Profit Partnerships

We would be happy to consider your request for a donation from Glass Academy. Anyone can give a product. At the Glass Academy, we give you an experience. Our greatest goals are to educate, inform, and bring beauty to people’s lives via the glass arts. When you get a donation from the Glass Academy, you’re getting more than just a physical item or an attention grabber, you’re getting a life changing experience. It is a place to create a memory, to meet community, and to inspire your creative senses. You’ll be talking about this experience for years to come!

A donation from us is a partnership—that means we work together. We donate to give exposure to your cause or organization, and you promote us, giving some exposure to the Glass Academy and the arts.

If we decide to donate to you, it is because we think you are worth it. We like what you are doing and we are willing to give our attention to your cause or organization. It takes about a week to process each request. This gives the Glass Academy Donation Board time to review your application, make a decision, and work out the details specific to your cause or organization. We will contact you once we’ve made a decision.

So that we can learn more about your group, please complete the following donation form.

NOTE: To keep you in the loop of current events, your email will be added to our data base.

We offer special discount coupons for your customers that will add value to your event. If you are interested in receiving coupons for distribution at your event, please contact us for further details.

If you have additional materials you would like us to receive, please mail them to:

Glass Academy – Donation
25331 Trowbridge
Dearborn, MI 48124

The Glass Academy is not a giant corporation, nor is it funded by big business. We are a small, family owned company in your community making a living selling glass the old fashioned way, one piece at a time. Please note that the tax write-off we can receive for this donation is not equivalent to its sale value so we must truly respect you if we are donating to your cause.