Blue VIP Special

Blue VIP Special

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Signature 2nd Design Vase

This brand new vase was revealed LIVE on Facebook on April 13th, 2021 and brought into the full product line the summer of 2021.

This timeless vase features our gorgeous recycled glass that reflects beautiful patterns wherever the sun hits it. Expertly enclosed within the recycle is our perfectly clear glass, smooth and modern.

The 2nd Design Vase is perfect for a single garden flower, a fern stem, feather or any fresh garden foliage you enjoy.

We encourage you to post a picture of your 2nd Design Vase and how you use it on Google or Facebook!


Made in Dearborn, Michigan!

Being "green" is second nature here at the Glass Academy!

When our excess glass is melted down, all the other color melts out except for blue. Cobalt, the metal that creates the color blue in glass, always remains! The result is this beautiful watery blue color.