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Harvest Goblets
Harvest Goblets

Harvest Goblets

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 Harvest Goblets and More!

Wow, what a great glass for sharing cider, or a nice bottle of spiced wine on a warm autumn day.

Images are taken from slightly above to show the shape and style of the curl. Against a brown cardboard to show what they might look like on a table, and the curl against white so you can see the true color of the stem.

Stamped on the bottom with the signature (GA) brand, this pumpkin is clearly a signature style of the Glass Academy.

The Glass Academy pen is in every image so you can see the scale of the pumpkins in addition to the scale you see below.  We do our best to have them land in this scale, but know they could very well vary! 😃

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    Handcrafted in Michigan since 1991