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Pumpkin Show & Sale Ticket

Pumpkin Show & Sale Ticket

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This year for the safety of our staff & customers, we’ll be providing timed tickets for entry to our Annual Pumpkin Fest Show & Sale. This will minimize the amount of people that will be in the gallery. Hourly time slots will be available, allowing ten customers in at a time.

Do I have to buy a ticket? Buying a ticket is not required, however, it will guarantee you entry at the door at your preferred time. If a line forms, only guests with a timed ticket will be allowed in. All others will have to wait until there is an opening in the gallery (under 10 people).

Your $10 ticket purchase will be refunded when you make any sale in the gallery on the same day!  Remember, the timed tickets are a way to keep social distancing between groups.  Thank you for your understanding up front and happy shopping!