Winter Holiday Fest: Virtual Show Ticket
Winter Holiday Fest: Virtual Show Ticket
Winter Holiday Fest: Virtual Show Ticket
Winter Holiday Fest: Virtual Show Ticket

Winter Holiday Fest: Virtual Show Ticket

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On December 5th from 11-4pm we're hosting a virtual Winter Holiday Fest!  This is a ticketed online event where you will watch the show LIVE from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy our annual Holiday show with never-before-seen footage of the design process and close-up details of specific techniques. You can also shop online to order your gifts at any time during the show.  When you purchase a ticket to this event, you'll get first pick of the 2021 season specials!

This special event is going to get you up front and right in the action! (Yes, even more so than what we currently offer on The Gathering Point.)  We're going to revisit some of our favorite holiday styles and unique color combinations from the past 19 years of hosting this famous seasonal show.

Original to our studio, the Glass Academy is proud to showcase our one-of-a-kind glass items. Watch as we bring them to life right in front of you!

Glass Penguins

Candy Canes exclusive colors

Snowflakes in sparkling colors

Snowmen and MORE!

This virtual holiday show is for the serious buyer, the ones who want first pick of our seasonal favorites and understand the value we bring to the art of glassblowing.

Every item handcrafted in this show will be of the highest quality, done with serious intention and dedication to detail. (Yes, but of course, there will be some silly moments during the show...snowball fights? Snowman contest? Not sure at the moment!)

We will have a limited number of items in each collection that ONLY the people attending the show will have access to.

You do not want to miss it! Invite your friends over and you can have a WATCH PARTY for the price of just one ticket! 

TICKETS ARE LIMITED!!!  Don't delay! Get your ticket today:   

$20 in November

$25 in December

With your paid ticket, you’ll also get a few additional surprises that we'll talk about as the event draws near.

And as always, we'll be doing some giveaways during the show (ticket holders only get this perk!!) and it's going to be really fun to interact with our top fans in this way.  So excited to have you join us!!! 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us here: 



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