Snowman experiences are selling fast~ You can DESIGN your own glass snowman!!!

Experience: The Snowman Experience!
Experience: The Snowman Experience!
Experience: The Snowman Experience!
Experience: The Snowman Experience!

Experience: The Snowman Experience!

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In this class experience, YOU ARE the glass DESIGNER (vs. the craftsman). Our skilled teams of glass blowers will transform your ideas and preferences into a unique to you, one-of-a-kind, special snowman of your dreams!

Pick the hat style, color, and eye color as YOU direct the process of design.  Does he smile?  Is her carrot nose long or short? It’s all up to you!!  You WILL choose the details, how the eyes are shaped (big, small, etc.), color of the eyes, shape of the body, style/color of the hat, and more!

The snowman experience is a class where you DESIGN the snowman.  As the designer, you will NOT be participating in the physical act making of the snowman.  Your role in this class is to watch, approve the specifics of the snowman and enjoy the process.  

We promise to deliver on craftsmanship of the snowman to be professionally crafted and but it's up to you, the designer, to take care of the details.  We are your fabricators.  Therefore, this class has no age limit, we are happy to allow everyone the opportunity to design a snowman.
This moment is really about being a designer, getting something made that you can share in the experience of, and in the end, have some great memories of time spent together and photo opportunities.  The crafted snowman will be a timepiece of that moment and is a great experience for families to participate in.

Glassblowing is a centuries old craft and takes years of dedication to become a master, but to be a Designer, that only takes imagination! 

 Have your family and friends join you in the excitement while taking pictures of the process to tell the tales after the snowman is finished.


NOTE:   The snowman will take 24 hours to cool completely to room temperature.  They will be available for pickup the next open studio day so be sure to check the home page for current studio hours.


* Shipping rates apply for our out of town guests.  Please see a staff member to fill in the shipping form when coming to the class.

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