CLASS EXPERIENCE: Vino Tappo / Intro Class
CLASS EXPERIENCE: Vino Tappo / Intro Class
CLASS EXPERIENCE: Vino Tappo / Intro Class

CLASS EXPERIENCE: Vino Tappo / Intro Class

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Vino Tappo - a bottle stopper class

The Vino Tappo is an original product and class designed by the founding creators of the Glass Academy. You’ll enjoy your unique handcrafted glass project for years to come as you display it proudly in your home.

During this 1 hour experience you will get a behind the scenes look at our glass blowing studio, tour of the gallery, and create a unique glass keepsake in a safe environment.

To make the bottle stopper you will work colored pieces of glass into a “gather” of molten glass using the marver.  You will then twist, pull, and stretch the glass using tweezers to manipulate the color (which will create the design inside your topper). This is an entry level class, so no experience is necessary for this fun and unusual experience! We supply all the tools, color, and materials.  

You will make TWO stoppers per class

Remember, you can take the same class more than once. See how your work progresses, does it become easier? What did you/will you do differently in your next class?  Give your finished items away as gifts!!

Added perks for you!

Any class you come to and participate in, you’ll get 20% off gallery purchases that night, as well as when you come to pick up your work.  Ask for the special coupon when you come to the studio.

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As a small, family owned business we have been honored to provide hundreds of customers with countless, unforgettable experiences at the Glass Academy. 

We ask that you please read our class policies BEFORE purchasing! All of our policies and FAQs can be found HERE!

Note: You must be at least 16 years of age to participate in this class!

Please come prepared- closed toe shoes are required!