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CLASS: Private Event (Vinotappo Wine stopper)
CLASS: Private Event (Vinotappo Wine stopper)

CLASS: Private Event (Vinotappo Wine stopper)

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Color Choices:

White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange 

Color is applied in various forms to create designs in the glass or on the surface of the glass.  

 This is a beginner level class, no experience working with glass is needed and we supply all the tools, color, and materials.  You will make one wine stopper per class but can sign up multiple times to make more.

 What should I expect when I come to the class?

Our instructors will start out by giving you a bit of background information on the Vinotappo wine stopper  Then you’ll know exactly what it is your making and why. Next comes a demonstration on how the product is crafted, what the finished product will look like.

 We’ll explain hot shop safety zones, how to sit at the bench and use glass specific tools, then you’ll be ready to start.  Students will then step over to the bench to make their wine stoppers using supplies and color specifically set aside for this class.

 Teachers will demonstrate color patterns, shapes, and styles, along with gathering the glass, turning the pipe, and keeping the glass on the punti rod. 

 Watching others is the best way to learn techniques so be prepared to sit and watch fellow students as they make their wine stoppers.  You may go first and be done, or you may be last and will get your turn after the other students have gone.  Remember, you’ll learn by watching so it’s important to watch others and learn how to work with the glass.  At times you’ll participate as a group so be sure to bring your camera and feel free to ask others to take that perfect shot if you attend the class alone.


Will I be going home with the finished glass wine stopper tonight?

Once colored and formed, the student’s wine stoppers will go into a cooling oven to relieve stress and be brought to room temperature.  This process is called annealing and takes about 12 hours. 

 New to the studio?

Also included in this class is a behind the scenes tour of the Glass Academy.  Projects the studio is working on, new shows and events coming up, and a chance to talk with the staff about all your glass questions.  The tour takes 10-15 minutes depending on the size and questions in the group.  You’re guaranteed to learn something new about the Glass Academy during this tour, from the founding partners to the history of the studio and upcoming projects.