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Each beautifully handcrafted carrot is a one-of-a-kind. Short, long, skinny, wide, they're all different in their own way. Since our carrots are glass you can’t eat them, but you can display them in all sorts of fun and creative ways.

Our carrots also give back to the community! For every $38 dollar carrot sold, we’ll donate $3, and for every $58 carrot, $5 will be donated to the Power of Produce club. This is a children’s program at the Dearborn Farmers market that gives them a chance to buy real fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer. Each token gives a child an opportunity to buy some produce. It’s a great way for farmers and children to connect over healthy food choices!

Buying this carrot is going to make you feel great! Consider buying a whole bunch to keep or give as gifts.

We'll pick out a perfectly unique carrot just for you!


Made in Dearborn, Michigan!