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Event planner Michelle Plucinsky puts on incredible themed events with glass blowing as the main focus in Dearborn's Glass Academy
hand sketch from artist Chris Nordin to turn into a hand crafted glass mug at the Glass Academy in Dearborn Michigan
hand crafted tree mug from the Glass Academy
beer in a handcrafted, original glass mug made for Witches Hat in south lyon
chalice and handmade glass mugs from the famous artist Chris Nordin in his Dearborn studio called the Glass Academy
dragon skin glass mug, handmade in blown glass by artist Chris Nordin in his Dearborn art studio
Michigan based event planner Michelle Plucinsky celebrates another Hot Glass, Cold Beer event this August in the Dearborn Glass Academy
customers watch with amazement as master artist Chris Nordin blows incredible glass mugs during the hot glass, cold beer event at the Glass Academy
Live glassblowing demonstrations at the Glass Academy
Hand crafted, one of a kind glass mugs sold only at the Glass Academy in Dearborn

Experience: Hot Glass. Cold Beer.

Regular price $85.00 Sale

Spots Available: 95

We will have some exciting glasses for this year's event which is themed~ Game of Thrones!!!

The different prices are for different levels of glasses; a chalice for $85 and a dragon tailed mug for $150.  (Read more about the event here under the event tab above)

Each ticket gives you one hand made drinking vessel made at the Glass Academy, tastes of beer from our lovely beer vendors, light snacks, and continual entertainment all night long of LIVE GLASSBLOWING!  You'll actually be able to watch how we make the glasses that you are drinking out of that evening!!  How cool is that?!

Stay tuned to this page for photos of the glasses as we make them!!  They will all be one of a kind and originals, and super fun and impressive for our 10th year anniversary.

This is one Hot Glass.  Cold Beer. you won't want to miss!!