Hot Glass + Cold Beer


Tickets are no longer available for this event. We are sold out! See you next year!

The 5th annual “Hot Glass + Cold Beer” event takes place at the Glass Academy August 7th, 2014 from 7-10pm with live glassblowing demonstrations, tasty cold beer from selected local breweries, delicious Mexican food, and great community conversation.

“Our customers demand unique experiences and there is nothing else like this in Metro Detroit.” explains Chris Nordin, one of the founding owners. “We bring together hand crafted beers, traditional glassblowing and an exciting take home glass vessel to a crowd of engaged guests. It’s a knock out performance and a great night with new friends. Customers receive a handcrafted glass cup with each ticket purchase. They can then use this glass to sample the unique beers in this studio show. Some customers will upgrade the basic glass for a more fanciful mug or pilsner for an additional fee, as well as placing custom orders during the show. Watching the glassware being made before their eyes has been one of the best highlights for crowds at the Glass Academy. Each year we pick breweries in the area to come and showcase their beers.

Regular Ticket

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Feeling like a VIP? Then this is the ticket for you.  This ticket includes one of our special VIP drinking chalices, a King’s (or Queens’) delight for sure.  Larger, showier, and this glass holds more beer than the average tumbler and it looks cool to boot.   This special glass entitles you to first in line for every tasting station (both beer and food), it’s kinda like a fast pass for beer lovers.  You’ll get to relax in our special relaxation station which includes air conditioning and great conversation with other special guests and the founding owners of the Glass Academy.In addition, you’ll just get to feel cool all night (physically and mentally) and then you’ll get the super cool chalice glass to take home with you as a great memory. Remember to buy tickets for the other special King or Queen in your life!

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Enjoy the following images from the previous years event!

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