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Signature Collection: American Jewel Pumpkin

Signature Collection: American Jewel Pumpkin

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Enhance your art collection with this stunning limited edition American Jewel Pumpkin!

About this piece:

  • The 2019 signature pumpkin is a warm vibrant purple with a feel of extravagance and luxury within it’s deep hues. Named “American Jewel ©“.  This special signature pumpkin is a transparent purple color, with thin stylized ribs going down the sides, and a decorative curly stem in gold, green, or a shiny reflective brown. 

  • The size is about an average cantaloupe size.  We use the same amount of glass for each one on the body, but some are tall, some squat and some are the basic round shape.  It’s really up to Chris as he’s making them to decide the decision of the shape.  He lets each pumpkin ‘speak’ to him, down to the color of the stem and the decision of the curls as well.

  • “This signature pumpkin will retail for $100 with $10 from each pumpkin sold donated to a local organic farm here in Ann Arbor.  We understand the value of our local farms and we want to give support when we can, so the America Jewel © pumpkin is one way we can spread awareness for local farmers here in our community.
  • A certificate of authenticity comes with each pumpkin crafted in our studio, creating a new tradition for our customers to enjoy when welcoming in the harvest season.